Project: Repair an Asphalt Shingle Roof

I originally hired them to seal around my skylights and they noticed a patch of loose shingles and fixed it while on site. Very friendly and quality work. Will definitely hire again for future projects

Mark B. in Dillsburg, PA

Project: Repair an Asphalt Shingle Roof

They responded physically to my call in less than 30 hours and did an excellent job in communication as well as the execution of the work itself

Jeremy S. in York Haven, PA

Project: Repair a Metal Roof

Proposal was prompt and straightforward but took a couple of weeks after the inspection. Employees were efficient, friendly, and competent. Work was performed as proposed and as scheduled. I'll hire then again.

James D. in Dover, PA

Project: Repair a Natural Slate Roof

Our project included replacing original missing gutter supports for copper gutters as well as straightening the existing copper gutters so the water would run downhill to the downspouts. The contractor acquired the correct metal supports and the gutters no longer overflow at low spots. The project was reasonably price and done quickly. They were honest and considerate.

Charlotte L. in York, PA

Project: Repair a Flat, Foam or Single Ply Roof

I appreciated the details in the invoice that reassured me the repairs on my roof would be done well - removing the old caulking before using the new!!! This company wants to do the job right.I plan on hiring Lotzmyers for additional work!

Barbara K. in Camp Hill, PA

Project: Repair or Partially Replace Vinyl Siding

The project involved minor repairs to existing installation. The mechanics were extremely careful to be certain everything that was removed to effect the repair was put back in the exact same order. As a construction professional myself, I was impressed with the extra effort they made.

Jack B. in Camp Hill, PA

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